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Who are Erika & Marianne?

We are both Business Strategists & Mindset experts. 

Erika is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist

and Marianne is a Certified Coach.

We are sisters and business partners!

We know the hypnotherapy industry and we know what works!

We want to share this with you so you can benefit too. 

As Business Strategists, we are committed to helping ambitious women like you, unlock your income and impact potential through business strategy and inner work. 

We like to walk our talk, which is why, over the last 18 months, we've:

  • Hit 5-figure months

  • Directly helped over 50 women-owned businesses

  • Run workshops for entrepreneurs 

  • Hired amazing team members 

  • Invested over £20,000 / $30,000 in our personal and professional development

  • Been mentored by the best in the industry

We continue to invest time, energy and financial resources in our own growth and leadership to enable us to provide you with the best available coaching and mentorship, so you can learn to thrive as a female hypnotherapist and entrepreneur too.

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